Technical Details

Date of Issue : 7th July 2007

Stamp Value :  30 sen setenent, 50 sen setenent

Stamp Size : 30mm x 40mm

Sheet Content : 20 Stamps

Miniature Sheet : RM5

First Day Cover Value : 30 Sen

Perforation 14

Paper Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process Diffraction Foil & Lithography

Printer : Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn. Bhd.

Designer : Hazel Design

Insects - Series III

Insects inhibit a variety of surroundings, both aquatic and terrestrial. In addition to that, their ability to feed on a variety of plants and animals makes them the most common of all living things on earth. Insects that are beneficial to humans include those that are edible, provide us honey, wax, silk and various pharmaceutical compounds. Some insects such as dragonflies, functions as a good indicator of the health of an ecosystem. However, insects are also pests in agriculture and some species are vectors of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and dengue. Common household insects in Malaysia include cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes and butterflies and grasshoppers in gardens.

Although the estimated number of species of insects on earth may range between 2 to 4 million species, actual number of species living in Malaysia is indeterminate. Some types of insects have been extensively studied for biomedical reasons and we know that Malaysia has at least 434 species of mosquitoes. This diversity is due to the fact that our tropical climate is very conducive to their breeding.

The diversity and uniqueness of Malaysia's insects warrant attention and requires us to ensure that their habitats are managed in a sustainable way for their continued existence, especially those of global significance.



Insects - Series III - Set of 4 Stamps

MNH Set of Stamps 4v

Price - USD1.30

30 sen Setenent

Lanternfly (Fulgora pyrorhyncha)

Lantern flies (lantern bugs) are very colourful with yellow, black, red, blue and green markings on their bodies. The most recognizable ones are those that have a prolongation of the head, as in the cased of this "Fiery-beaked" Lantern Bug. Several species of the Fulgora can be found in Malaysia, both in the understorey of natural forests and in fruit orchards. They are normally found on tree trunks in groups of two or three but can also be seen individually.

Cotton Stainer (Dysdercus cingulatus)

These bugs are well known pest of cultivated plants including rice, vegetables and fruits.. They are able to defend themselves against predators through a variety of methods including repulsive taste, camouflage and colour. Bright colours as in the case of Fruit Bugs is usually a warning sign that the bug is distasteful. This species is know to be a pest to cultivated crops such as lady's fingers (okra).

50 sen Setenent

Shorthorned Grasshopper (Valanga nigricornis)

Grasshoppers belong to the order Orthoptera (from the Greek word orthos meaning "straight" and ptera for "wing". Generally the hind legs are large and muscular and are specially developed for jumping. This species is common in cultivated fields and gardens, feeding on a wide range of plants and are treated as pests. Additionally, this grasshopper is also known to severely attack oil palm and rubber plantations during outbreaks, causing massive defoliation.

Longhorned Beetle (Rhaphipodus hopei)

This species is amongst the biggest longhorn beetles in Malaysia and can be found in hilly areas. The mandibles are straight with rough edges for cutting purposes and the legs are covered with sharp bristles. It is usually found on the bark of dead trees and is confined to forests above 750 metres above sea level. Considerable damage is caused annually to valuable timber trees, fruit trees and some cultivated crops by longhorn beetles.



(20v x 2 Full Sheets)

Insects - Series III  Insects - Series III

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Miniature Sheet

Insects - Series III - Miniature Sheet

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Miniature Sheet with Bangkok Overprint

Insects - Series III - Miniature Sheet with Bangkok Overprint

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Emperor Moth (Antheraea helferi)

Interestingly, Malaysia has the largest moth in the world, the Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) - possibly the world's most beautiful butterfly, the Rajah Brooke's Birdwing, the highest number of species of stingless bees in the Asian tropics (about 35 species) and has a species of stick insect, Phobaeticus kirbyi, that is recognised as the longest insect in the world (up to 30 centimetres).

The brightly orange-coloured Emperor Moth (Antheraea helferi) is one of the most spectacular moth species in the world. The wings are very hairy and marked with "eye-spots" and the antennae are short and feathered. The caterpillars of this species are colourful, fat and hairy. About 22 species of Emperor Moths subsist on Borneo Island.


First Day Covers x 2

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Insects - Series III - FDC

Insects - Series III - FDC

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Presentation Packs

Insects - Series III - Presentation Pack

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Insects - Series III - Folder

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