Technical Details

Date of Issue : 10th November 2010

Stamp Value : 30 sen (2 Designs) & 50 sen (2 Designs)

Sheet Content : 20 Stamps

First Day Cover Value : 30 Sen

Perforation 14

Paper Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Designer : Lim Kok Wing University

Printing Process Lithography

Printer : Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn. Bhd.

1Malaysia Collection

How does one define the culture of Malaysia, especially when there are one too many? That’s what makes Malaysia a unique potpourri of cultures, each as diverse as the other yet one easily accepted by other races in the country.

While other culture is building bridges of understanding among Malaysians, the culture of creative thinking is already crossing mental borders. Malaysian satellites hover over earth. Malaysian cars are every where, even overseas.

Malaysia’s future is promising as it hurtles on a fixed trajectory course beyond the 21st Century. Even in something as everyday as culture, creativity can help build innovative bridges so Malaysians can cross over to the future.



MNH Set of 4 Stamps

Price - USD1.00

Malaysia in Stamps

This exhibition explores the transition of Malaysia – From Culture To Future. It tells a story, a chapter of the country steeped in culture and tradition now on its way to become an advanced nation. Like a picture that tells a stories, these stamps narrate those special moments in Malaysia’ numerous technological achievements as it seeks to dock with Vision 2020.



(20v x 4)


Price - USD18.90

  “WAU” Technology

The “Wau” is a soaring cultural aspect of multiracial Malaysia captivating and drawing the people in a unified force ready for today’s challenges. The “Wau” symbolizes Malaysia’s conquest of space and its innovative quest to reach new heights of success.

Basket of Bio Wealth

Biotech offers hope in numerous sectors from agriculture to technology. The outcome is better yields, new discoveries and innovative solutions. Malaysia is probing deep into the realms of Biotech research with the same dedication as basket weaving demands.


First Day Cover

Price - USD1.20

“Songket” weaves Multimedia Magic

Another facet of Malaysian culture with deep roots. It involves dexterity precision land patience and the result is stunning. Likewise, multimedia has progressed into a highly developed industry – the Multimedia Super Corridor is a fine example.

Crafting Malaysia’s Skyline

Wood craft is a revered handicraft practiced in Malaysia over the centuries. Artisans skillfully expressed their workmanship chiseling, shaping and creating magnificent masterpieces. Inspired by ancient wood crafting techniques, building “craftsmen” are giving Malaysia a new facade.



Price USD5.90


Traditional Past Time  - 2010

Heritage of Pahang

Traditonal Past Time