Butterflies 2008 Miniature Sheet with Jakarta Ovpt Malaysian Cartoon 2008 - Special Miniature Sheet on Stamp Week Cancels Visit Malaysia Year 2007 Unique Flowers 2008 with Spot Error

Malaysian Butterflies with Jakarta 2008 Overprint

Special Miniature Sheet on Stamp Week Cancels

Visit Malaysia Year 2007 M/S with Perforation Error

Unique Flowers MS with Spot


Iss. # Description / Theme Issue Date
1 Unique Birds of Malaysia 21st Jan
2 Silver Jubilee of the Reign of DYMM Sultan of Perak 3rd Feb
3 Traditional Wedding Costumes 3rd Mar
4 Tourist Spots - Heritage Sites 9th Apr
5 Engineering Excellence in National Building 20th April
6 Palm Tree Species 19th May
7 35th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China 31st May
8 Conservation of Environment 18th Jun
9 Traditional Houses 9th Jul
10 Tuber Plants 23rd Jul
11 Malaysian Unity - Series II - 1Malaysia 31st Aug
12 First Malaysian Submarine 3rd Sep
13 Energy Efficient Buildings 9th Sep
14 Caring Society 9th Oct
15 Installation of DYMM Tuanku YDPB Negeri Sembilan 26th Oct
16 State Definitive Stamps Series Collection 9th Nov
17 Arachnid - Stamp Week 2009 30th Nov
18 Brave Warriors 20th Oct
19 Malaysian Currencies 9th Nov


Iss. # Description / Theme Issue Date
1 Historical Bridges 28th Feb
2 Nocturnal Animals 13th Mar
3 Butterflies 24th Apr
4 100th Anniversary of St. John's Ambulance 22nd May
5 Cultural Instruments and Artifacts II 10th Jun
6 50th Anniv. of the Reign of DYMM Tuanku Sultan Kedah 15th Jul
7 Dragon Boat World Competition 1st Aug
8 Centenary of Scouting in Malaysia 14th Aug
9 Treasures of the Nation's Visual Arts 28th Aug
10 Royal Headgears 16th Sep
11 Unique Flowers 9th Oct
12 National Space Program 21st Oct
13 Sea Shells 11th Nov
14 Lat Cartoon - (Stamp Week 08) 1st Dec
15 Premier Schools 16th Dec