These nine Exhibition Covers were issued during the Malaysian National Philatelic Exhibition (MALPEX97) from 6th September 1997 to 14th September 1997 at the National Museum. A different stamp and cancel was used for each and every day of the nine-day exhibition.

The complete set is very, very hard to get and is NOT listed in any known catalog.

The complete set comprise of the 9 Exhibition Covers below plus an Information Leaflet on the exhibition.


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Grand Prix Special Album

Offer Price : USD35.90

The album is a 28-page Hardcover full-coloured album with 2 beautifully stamped Covers with both the Grand Prix Cancels as per scans attached. It comes enclosed in a custom-made cardboard slip cover. These are very scarce items.

The stamps on the Special covers are PARTIALLY IMPERF! Only 2 sides of the block of 4 stamps are perforated. The rest are ALL Imperf.

Special Offer!

Hurry! Limited sets available.